An Open Letter to Barbri Prep

Dear Barbri Prep,

As finals approach, I wanted to write a quick note (as I procrastinate for finals) about the services you provide and how they have helped me throughout my first year in law school.  While I am still prone to heart palpitations when the professor looks for a student to call upon, I am the basest level of prepared for any ridiculous question they might have due to those wonderful videos you have on your site.  It brings me immense joy when I am able to adequately answer a question that some other idiot student in the class was asked, but was unable to answer.  The extra five minutes I save from reading your outlines and watching your videos allows me to have the mental breakdown I deserve.  That being said, I understand that your company forsaking me in my time of need is a definite foreseeable risk.  Please be aware of your duty of care to me, as breaching this duty of care in the next two weeks constitutes adequate provocation.  All I want is an estoppel from failure, and a good night’s sleep.

Have the best day legally allowed,


PS- betraying the relationship of trust that we have makes you a fidouche. Remember that.

What’s My Starbucks Name?

I am a huge fan of Starbucks.  I know it’s a really bad habit to have (especially for a poor law student), but I love my lattes and my iced teas.  It’s a shameless addiction, and it won’t go away anytime soon.

Starbucks is notorious for spelling names wrong.  Mine usually comes out right, but some names are horrendously butchered.  The website What’s My Starbucks Name? shows some of the name massacres that are happening all across the country.  It’s pretty funny.

Find out your “Starbucks name” here!