My First Post


Well, I’ve done it.  I’ve created a blog.  I created this at the worst possible time, with my finals coming up next week, so obviously I’ve reached the peak of my procrastination!  Yay!

Seriously though, why am I doing this?  I’m a 1L (almost 2L!) law student, working to get my law degree and practice Civil Rights Law.  Despite how boring law school is, some would say I lead a marginally interesting life.  While I did most of the fun stuff during my years in college, the more recent boring stuff has challenged me to grow in ways that have been incredibly surprising.  It’s taught me a lot about myself, what I believe in, and what I can offer to the world.  This tiny little blog is one of those offerings.

Why “The Feminist Pensieve?”  First off, I am a third wave feminist.  Google exists, so I’m not going to explain what that means (hint: something to do with equality and justice, and absolutely nothing to do with hating men).  A pensieve, as described in my favorite book series, Harry Potter, is an object used to collect and review memories.  Putting these two parts together, The Feminist Pensieve is a collection of my musings, rantings, and overall views on my feminist life and a place where people can look at it.  So there you have it.

Hope you enjoy!